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COVID-19 Contingency Sharing

Primary care staff across each borough will be able to access your full medical record without consent during the COVID-19 pandemic but will only do so when this is necessary to provide you with care. They will be required to use a smartcard which confirms their identity, and which limits their access and actions to those appropriate for their role. They will all have been trained to understand their professional and legal responsibilities in providing you with care

Private Consultants – Investigations and Medication

There have been problems with patients who see private consultants particularly in regard to IVF treatment and psychiatry, who expect us to replicate the medication the private consultants prescribe on the NHS. Sometimes this medication is not available or not appropriate for a NHS prescription; we are also being asked to order investigations which are inappropriate or unavailable. For this reason, from 1st November we will no longer do any investigation ordered by a private consultant. We will also not initiate any medication requested by a private consultant until they are stable on that medication first. This will have to be prescribed by the consultant in the first instance. We will also require a letter from the consultant.

Health Help Now App Coming Soon

Ealing are soon going to join the Health Help Now App a tool which will help you find the right treatment.

Health Help Now lists common symptoms and offers suggestions for treatment, based on your location and the time of day, with the one that works best for most people listed first.

It also lists local services and shows when they are open or closed, their location and directions, plus details of useful websites and helplines for a variety of problems.

We will update our patients as soon as Ealing has become a part of the app.